September 2018: A Review

September 2018 – how did it go? Pretty phenomenal, I say.

This was the month when I did all the work to launch my new blog. September is also my daughter’s birthday month. In other words, September 2018 was one heck of a success.

September 2018: Goals and How I Did

Here are the goals I had set out for myself at the beginning of the month.

Track expenses.

When: Daily.

I would rate this one as a super success. I was regular in tracking my spending. I had budgeted reasonably for each category and was also able to stick to my budget overall. Becoming intentional with my money makes my purchases more meaningful. I am happier.

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Review my budget.

When: At the end of the month.

Success. The review exercise is integral to the process of budgeting. Doing one made me realize why it is so. I would not hesitate to call it one of the best parts about the exercise.

It is actually like stopping to smell the roses. I was able to be within my budgeted spends in almost all the categories.

As for October, it turns out, I am able to reduce my overall monthly budget by around 10%. The biggest difference is that last month I had budgeted for my daughter’s birthday party. This month there is no such large spending.

This is a temporary reprieve though – November is Diwali. There will be plenty of expenses for that.

Set up funds for each of the following.

When: Before the end of the first week of September.

  • Christmas
  • Daughter’s school fee (boarding school)
  • Car Insuarance

Partial Success. I have started budgeting for these large expenditures that come up once a year. The next step is to open a separate checking or savings account to which I can physically move the money. This way I am actually putting the money aside.

Earn Money from a side hustle.

When: By the end of the month.

Fail. To be honest, I did not put in the effort that is required to get a side hustle going.

Walk average 5000 steps a day during the month.

When: Daily.

Partial success. I managed an average of 4000 steps. I know that is not much. Hope October is better.

Blog – name, design, theme.

When: By the end of the month.

Did all that. Registered the name, found a theme I liked (luckily it did not cost me money), designed a simple, yet effective logo (saved some money).

Plan holiday gifts.

When: In the first week of September.

Fail. Did not even remember to do this. To be honest, it was a bit early to start thinking about Christmas and gifts.

September 2018:  The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good

Daily Budgeting – This is one of the best decisions I have taken in a long time. I have learned so much about myself -Where does my money go? What spending decisions bring me joy? What are the money goals I have set out for myself? How do I plan to achieve them? I have become more conscious about my goals and how I am going to achieve these – well most of them.

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Trip to my daughter’s school to celebrate her birthday – My daughter studies at a boarding school. We had a little celebration for her at her school. The bonhomie among her friends and classmates was so heartwarming. These girls sure know how to make the birthday girl feel on the top of the world.

Setting up this blog – Before you start a blog, there are plenty of decisions to be made. September was that month for me. I finalized a name, registered it – so no one else can start a website with the same name, decided upon a host ( a network of computer servers) where my blog will reside. A lot of the technical stuff that is involved with setting up a blog was researched, understood and done. Now to the stuff that I enjoy doing – writing.

The Bad

My exercise routine –  According to an article people who take fewer than 5000 steps per day are considered to be sedentary or inactive. At an average of 4000 steps, guess what my lifestyle is?

Losing a loved one – We lost Ginger, my brother’s dog. He had been with their family for 14 years. My daughter loved him like a brother.

The Ugly

Earning Money – In order to achieve all my long-term money goals, I need to bump up my income. I need to get a side-hustle going.

My October Goals

  1. Continue daily budgeting and doing a periodic review.
  2. Open savings accounts for the large, yearly expenses like Christmas, insurance payments, school fees by October 15th.
  3. Take part in Blogtober – Which means blogging daily during October. This is one heck of a mean goal I have set for myself. Especially since I want to get meaningful content out there for you, stuff that you enjoy reading and find some value in, hopefully.
  4. Pinterest and Social Media – These can be such powerful tools to market my blog. Most of my focus will be on Pinterest. I am learning. With some trepidation, I am setting out small targets for myself – 50 Instagram, 20 on Twitter and 10 followers of Facebook.
  5. Get my subscription form going. This should have been one of the first things I should have done, even before my first post went out there. Better get going on this one.
  6. Walk an average of 6000 steps each day. At 6000 steps, I would still be leading a ‘low-active lifestyle’. But it is a fifty percent increase over my September average. That is good, isn’t it?
  7. Start planning for Diwali and Christmas. There is a lot happening over the next few months until Christmas – October is for the blog and Blogtober. November is Diwali. I make a trip to my daughter’s school for her 3-day prize giving and annual functions. She comes back home for a week at Diwali. Then she comes back home on 1st December for the holidays. So I need to use all the spare time I have to plan for Diwali and December – food, clothes, decor everything.

How was your September 2018? Bet you kicked some ass too. I would love to hear from you.

September 2018 Review of Money and Blogging Goals.
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