Rejuvenated After A Blogging Break: My Weekly Check-Up #05

Alright folks, it is time for a weekly review. After an exciting, fun-filled, (almost) two-week hiatus from the blog and from day-to-day life in general, it is time to get back to routine.

If you have read my previous blog posts, you may know that the week before last I was away visiting my daughter at her school and then last week was Diwali. Two weeks that were high-octane, high-energy and filled with fun, food, laughter, festivities and of course, plenty of expenses.

Since there was no weekly review last week, this review will be for a fortnight. The first week (October 29 – November 4 or Week 1) included a 5-day travel. The second week (November 5 – November 11) or Week 2) was spent celebrating Diwali and spending time with my husband and daughter at home.

I took a blogging break during Week 2.

The previous weekly review for October 22-28 when I achieved some pretty ambitious plans I had set out for myself prior to leaving for my little trip.

My Weekly Check-Up: Recharged, Rejuvenated, and Ready-to-go

The most I’ve spent this week fortnight was on

  1. Travel –  Any travel involves cost – those of tickets, the stay, local travel charges, food, and shopping. I visit my daughter at her boarding school on an average 3 times a year. Luckily for me, there is a wonderful home-stay very close to her school which provides real value for money ( $30 per night).
    I stayed there for a few nights this time, so the (frugal) costs added up. The stay and food costs were my biggest expenses for the week before last.
  2. Diwali Bonus – Diwali is big for us. Every year I give a little bonus tip to everyone working for me at home and to the security and housekeeping staff of our apartment complex. This one-time expense adds nearly $150 to my monthly budget. These were paid out this week.

Today I am thankful for

The last two weeks have been so much fun. I am grateful to have a lovely family, a husband who constantly strives for nothing but the very best in everything he does, a daughter whose peels of laughter bring so much joy in our lives. Celebrating Diwali with them is such a blessing. Nothing brings more joy than being with your loved ones for festivals.

Do you make sure you are with your family and loved ones for your biggest festivals?

Money can’t buy happiness. One free thing I did this week fortnight that made me happy was

To spend time with my daughter’s friends. They are an adorable bunch of 14-year old girls ‘Instagramming’ their way through their rollercoastering hormones, figuring the ins-and-outs of their budding love-lives while trying to balance the demands of studies, sport, and extra-curricular activities.

It was a delight to be able to spend a few days with them at their school.

I will consider this week a success if I

  1. Write and schedule 2 articles for this week and another for the next week.
  2. Continue to focus on Pinterest. Also, focus on Facebook scheduling.
  3. Start work on creating my opt-in freebie

I would rate the previous two weeks as REJUVENATING.

My plans for Week 1 were pretty easy. I didn’t plan on doing much since I would be travelling. As for Week 2 – the only aim was to focus on the family.

Let us see how I did.

  • Write and schedule my monthly review before I go. Success. This was my first-month blogging. If you want to know how it went, how much traffic my baby-blog generated, or the big things I accomplished you can read about them here.
  • Continue to focus on Pinterest every day even when I am traveling. The first week – achieved. The second week – failed. Pinterest recommends pinning frequently and consistently. This can be achieved by either using a scheduler. But if you are like me and have not yet invested in a scheduler, then it just means getting on to Pinterest manually regularly.
    Despite it being quite hectic, I spent a minimum of 30 minutes each day pinning in between attending parent-teacher meetings, dance, music and theatre performance, sports day, a horse riding display, and their annual prize-giving function, I managed to pin regularly.
    Week 2, when the daughter was at home was all about Diwali and studying for the half-yearly exams which start today. Pinterest and my blogging related activities took a back seat. I am glad because the break and time spent with family were just what I needed to get back to this week all rejuvenated and ready to go.
  • Stick to my budget during travel. Success. All my expenses were budgeted and planned for. As a bonus, a promotion by Uber helped me save money during the local travel.

Now I am getting all excited about Christmas. Hope you all have a budget set up for Christmas and have been setting aside some money each month. It can help alleviate so much of the stress associated with the Holidays.

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