A Few Of My Favorite Personal Finance Articles

Twitter is a wonderful place. It helps me discover wonderful personal finance bloggers and some wonderful blog posts being published.

These posts are great in different ways – some of them are analytical, some give a new insight, a few are humorous, while others share personal struggles. But one thing is certain – each one of them has helped improve my understanding, knowledge, and appreciation of this ‘big bad’ world of personal finance.

A few of my posts you may like to read:

So why this recap of personal finance articles?

I wanted to share these amazing articles with you.

The internet is home to a ton of incredible personal finance articles. The information can be overwhelming.

To prevent you from getting lost in this quagmire of information in the world of personal finance and money management blogs, I have curated some of the best articles I have read this month.

I might even convert this into a monthly feature that will be published on the penultimate Thursday of each month. So remember to come back to it next month.

As I publish these articles each month I will keep adding them right here so you can access them easily.

Till then, here are some of my favorite posts that I have read over the last 30 days. Happy reading!

The Bubble of Passive Investment (Mr. Tako Escapes)

‘Lately, there’s been a lot of talk on the interwebs about a new investing bubble that could be forming right under our feet — The Passive Investing Bubble. ‘

How real is the threat from this bubble? Mr. Tako. from Mr. Tako Escapes examines this and writes about ways to prepare for a crash in his article Will You Survive The Passive Investing Bubble?

25 Financial Tips For a 25-Year Old (Beingfinwise)

Managing your finances well can help you live a better, more fulfilling life. ‘And it starts with the small steps.’

Absolutely essential financial tips for all you 25-year olds out there in this article.

Dave Ramsey’s Two Questionable Numbers (ESI Money)

Worship him or hate him, Dave Ramsey is a polarizing figure in the world of personal finance. There is no denying that his advice has helped lots of people dip their toes into the world of personal finance.

However, there are some things which need to be examined more closely. Mr. ESI Money looks closely at two numbers that Dave Ramsey uses which don’t seem realistic. Find out more.

10 Big Money-Making Scams To Be Aware Of (Money Done Right)

Scams and scammers are getting better. They are constantly coming up with new ways to take away your money.

In this article find out about 10 sneaky tricks being used by scammers to fool you and make you part with your money. Like the author says ‘ These “scams” may not be illegal. But they’re unethical and wrong from a “decency” standpoint. ‘

Spending Without Guilt (Our Next Life)

Saving money may be a virtue but spending money isn’t always bad. Even if you are spending it on things that you are wants and not needs.

Tanja Hester writes ‘You are allowed to spend money on whatever either makes you happy or gives you the conditions for a happy life. Period. ‘ She explains how you can build in some checks into your spending so as to not fall down the ‘slippery slope’ of spending. Read her full article on how you can spend without guilt.


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Which are some of your favorite personal finance articles you have read this month?

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