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These are some personal finance articles that I read this month that are worth a read. Hence I am sharing them with you.

I consume a ton of personal finance content, read blog posts. Last month I decided to start sharing these with you.

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On to some of my favorite personal finance articles I have read over the last one-month that I want to share

10 Levels of Early Retirement (Retireby40)

We start with the question of when do you retire? For those who chose early retirement do they ‘retire’ and stop working completely? Retireby40 says there are 10 levels of retirement. What are these 10 levels?

How To Make Your Retirement Assets Last (Money With A Purpose)

Americans are living longer, which means their retirement assets need to last longer. Here are ways to ensure that you don’t outlive your money and don’t struggle later on.

How Do You Prioritize Spending Your Money? I Share My Secrets (The Kickass Entrepreneur)

FI and early retirement are not about being extremely frugal. There are times when you need to prioritize spending money. So when is spending money worth it?

How To Shift From A Scarcity To An Abundance Mindset Around Money (Life Goals Mag)

Continuing with the same them of prioritizing spending, at times spending money may require a shift in mindset. You need to start believing you have enough and can afford to spend money. Read about the ways you can shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance.

Health is More Important Than Wealth – 3 Reasons Why (Wealthy Nickel)

Another area where not spending money may not be wise. Andrew explains why you need to look after your health first.

Decide For Yourself What Spending You Value, and Then Spend Without Guilt (Our Next Life)

Looks like I was leaning a lot of what I was reading followed a theme. They were all centered around the question of when it is okay to spend and not save.

Tanja says you get to choose what you want to spend or splurge on. You write the script. And, not feel guilty about it.

It’s OK To Feel Guilty About Spending Money (Cash For Tacos)

If you still feel guilty about spending money then Melody has some great advice for you.

She tells you how you can address that guilt and start to make positive changes. Use her method to feel empowered and make choices you feel right about.

Remember the WHY (A Dime Saved)

On your journey to FIRE, there will be times when you have to make deep cuts. It is at times like those that knowing and remembering your WHY will help. It could be kids, security or that holiday of a lifetime.

What I Love (and Don’t) About Working Part-Time (The Fioneers)

Ever considered taking up a part-time job? Jessica evaluates the benefits and the not so ideal aspects of working part-time.

By working part-time, I have taken a step toward my ideal life. While there are some challenges, it has been a very positive experience for me. It’s so great, in fact, that I will likely never go back to full-time work. 

Jessica, The Fioneers

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