Smart Ways To Save Money in September

September is a great month. Summers are winding down and we are transitioning into Autumn and fall. The warm colors of fall have begun to sprout around us and pumpkin season is just around the corner.

Temperatures are just right this month – not too hot, just a little cold. Which means it is time to bring out all your lovely fall wardrobe.

The cooler temperatures also mean it is a great time to be outdoors. Go watch the leaves change color, take kids apple picking or for a weekend hike.

If you have kids, they are back at school. This means you can get back to taking time out for yourself, getting coffee dates with your girlfriends, catching up on work or just going to a cafe for some quiet time.

Finally, September is also Queen B’s birthday month. Happy birthday, Beyonce.

While September can mark the end of vacations, hot weather and the being done with back-to-school shopping, it can still be one of the more expensive months of the year. (And the other expensive months are just around the corner.)

However, with the smart money saving tips I have for you today you can actually save money this month.

For us, September is a month to implement a lot of these easy money saving tips. While we are fairly frugal people throughout the year, some of the ideas have made the month even more fun and affordable.

In today’s blog, I am going to be talking about my money saving tips that allow you to have fun while on a budget. Some of these frugal living ideas and tips apply to every month of the year, others are more creative money saving tips for this month.

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1. Labor Day

With tons of people enjoying a three-day weekend, Labor Day can have an impact on this month’s budget. Think ahead and plan what you want to be doing this weekend. Are you planning to take it easy, go shopping the sales or hang out with friends? Whatever you do, make sure your tight monthly budget can accommodate the expense.

2. Gardening

There are a lot of people out there who start preparing their gardens to transition from fall into winter. This means processing vegetables, canning fruit, saving seeds and much more. Is there any special equipment you need for this? How are you going to budget for it?

3. Weddings

Fall weddings are huge. Do you have any weddings you need to plan to attend in the coming months? Maybe you need to buy your kids new dresses. Is it in a different city? You need to pay for the tickets.

4. Seasonal Decorations

Fall decorations are everywhere. If you are into decorating, or even if you aren’t, you know you will be itching to get those warm hues of fall into your homes. Make sure you have budgeted for these. If you have a sinking fund going that will help. Whatever be the case, make sure you know the amount you can afford to spend and stay within that limit.

5. Fall clothing

Okay, fall fashion is a beast of its own with the potential to trip your budget. If you are planning on buying some new clothes it is best to set aside some money that your tight monthly budget can afford. Keep your budgeted amount in mind when you are out shopping.

6. Fall everything

Do you see a pattern here?

Amidst all the crazy excitement of the season, make sure you have put aside some money for everything pumpkin, cinnamon, and apples.

7. Kickstart your Christmas Fund

If you haven’t already, now is the best time to start setting aside funds for the holidays and Christmas. Plan out your budget for Christmas and how much money you will need. Divide that by 4 months and start putting that sum into a Sinking Fund.

Use my free printable sinking fund trackers available in the resource library to keep track of your savings goal.

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Best Money Saving Tips For September

Smart Frugal Ideas For Fall & Autumn

1. Ride your bike

Ride your bike. Just go ride your bike. When you are doing your errands, going to work.

Ride your bike to the grocery store, to your children’s school, to the post office, the dentist’s appointment, just everywhere you can. Whenever you find yourself reaching for the car keys, ask yourself if you could take your bike instead.

Save money on fuel or on that Uber and get some free exercise thrown in alongside.

2. Hit those farmer’s market

It is a perfect time to hit the farmers’ markets. September is, in all likelihood, the last month when farmers can sell fresh foods. So they cut prices down to sell off as much as they can. Buying summer fruits in bulk now and freeze / can them. A great way to save money for the rest of the year when these fruits can cost a bomb. Didn’t I say September can be expensive?

3. Plan your tasks

I am a big believer in planning, lists, and organization. Not only do they save my sanity, but they also help me save money as well. Win-Win!

Is your pharmacy near the post office? Make sure you pick up your next refill of prescription when you need to go to the post office. This way you save on transportation costs and valuable time.

Make lists of errands you need to run, groceries to buy. Plan your meals. This way you will not be rushing to the store just because you have run out of milk or coffee.

4. Take advantage of the weather

It is still not too cold to spend time outside the house. Make use of this weather to do things outside – go hiking on the weekend, plan a picnic with family or BBQ with friends. Spending time outdoors is a great money saving tip not just for the summer but also for September.

5. Pause that gym membership

If you haven’t done this earlier in the summer, now would be a great time to pause your gym membership and save on some money.

Instead, use the great outdoors. Go for a run instead of hitting the treadmill. Plan a yoga session on your patio or even a swim. There are lots of ways to get some exercise for free.

Check with your gym if they allow you to pause your membership. A lot of gyms will let you. So go make use of this opportunity and save some of your hard-earned money. Plus a change of exercise routine will only do you more good.

6. Make a list before you hit those sales

Lists help you save money. Did I already mention this?

Not only do you go in with a plan, but having a list also helps you to be intentional with your shopping. You are not looking around in the store wondering what you need. So you are less likely to be tempted.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday not too far off in the future now would be a good time to start thinking of what your needs and wants. Can any of your needs wait until November? If yes, then it is highly likely you can pick up what you need at an attractive price.

For the things you want, but don’t actually need, keeping a list will help you decide if you still want them (or if you were just buying them on an impulse). Also, give yourself a budget amount to spend on these wants. If you have a list going, you can prioritize these wants.

7. School clothing and supplies

From the middle of September, once schools have reopened and the back-to-school shopping season is coming to an end, stores start marking down school supplies and clothes. So, if you can afford to wait (buy only the bare minimum till then, use supplies from previous years, etc.), now would be a good time to buy what you need and stock up for the start of the next school year.

8. Save on your air conditioning.

September is still ideal weather to keep your air conditioning turned off and windows open. It is not so hot outside to leave your windows open throughout the day. Nor is cold yet so you can save a lot on your electricity bill.

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Plan For the Upcoming Months

In addition to planning for this month, it is important to keep in mind what is happening in the next few months. Do you have any birthdays, important festivals and celebration coming up?

A few things coming up in the next few months. Start planning for them now in order to avoid any financial curveballs.

Things to start planning and saving for


Do you celebrate Diwali? For those who do, it tends to be as big as Christmas is for others. There are gifts to be given, a feast to be had, visits to family, new clothes, fireworks and plenty of festivities.

Diwali is in October this year. You have two months to plan for it, figure out how much you are going to spend and how you will finance it.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Ever been hit by the Black Friday mania?

It is traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year because it kicks off the holiday season. It is easy to get carried away and go nuts.


Then, there is the big daddy of them all – the holiday season. Christmas can be stressful.

Avoid stress and credit card debt by planning ahead on how much you can afford to spend.

Things To Stock Up On in September

Finally, there are some things that you should buy this month when they become cheap. Maybe even stock up on them

Back-to-school Supplies

By the second half of September, stores start slashing prices on their back to school stuff. That would be a great time to pick up things for your home office, for craft projects and even for your children’s school.

Seasonal Produce

Apples are in season. Now is the time to make apple sauce and apple pies.

Then there is everything squash, pumpkin, and melons. They are plentiful, cheap and extremely tasty this time of the year. Meal plan to include recipes which celebrate them.

Other vegetables and fruits which are in season now cauliflower, eggplants, beans, mushrooms, and peppers. Substitute them in place of other expensive veggies to reduce your grocery expense this month.

September is a great month to find deals on tomatoes and tomato products – fresh, canned or sauced up.


Labor Day is a good time to pick up some grilling foods – hot dogs, hamburgers and chips. These are great for school lunch boxes.

In Summary

September is a great month. The weather is perfect. Enjoy the outdoors, walk, bike. Cut down on your fuel and heating costs by making the most of the season.

It is also the time to start planning and saving for the next few months when expenses tend to shoot up. Saving in advance can help reduce your stress and avoid debt.

Finally, make sure to take advantage of the seasonal produce. Soon everything fall will flood the markets. Also, do plan to stock up on your tomatoes.

What are some of the best ways you plan to save money in September? Share your money saving tips with us.

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