Important Lesson Learned: My Fortnightly Check-Up #01

An important lesson learned this fortnight.

But before we come to that, did you notice the change?

My weekly check-up is now My Fortnightly Check-up. It will be up every alternate Monday.

I suppose you want to know the thought process behind this change. Since I have now decided to publish two articles a week, doing a weekly review would have meant every alternate article is a review. That would have been a little too often and would not have left enough opportunity for me to write about the other stuff as I want to.

In addition to my weekly/fortnightly review, I also do a monthly report on my blog. It isn’t quite an income report just yet, simply because I am not making any money. However, I share my traffic numbers with you all so that you have a complete picture of my journey – the good, the bad and the ugly bits.

The format of the post in my fortnightly review will remain the same as my weekly review. The first part would be a review of my finances and goals for the previous fortnight. This is based off the weekly review that used to be done at My Pretty Pennies. The next part is a blogging diary.

My Fortnightly Check-Up (A Lesson Learned)

The Most I Have Spent This Fortnight Was On:

These two weeks have been pretty expensive. There were three big ticket items on my spending tracker. I bought tickets for a small vacation with my daughter next month. Then there was a lunch with school friends which I hosted and I had to fill gas in the car. The vacation tickets were not budgeted for.

November is turning out to be a really expensive month overall. Diwali and the visit to my daughter’s school happened last fortnight. You can read more about them in my previous weekly check-up.

Today I am Thankful For:

YOU – the readers of my blog. Thank you for taking the time to read what I say, for your words of encouragement, your comments. You give me energy and keep me going.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness. One Free Thing I Did This Fortnight That Made Me Happy Was:

Last fortnight I went to cheer for and support my husband at his tennis tournament. The matches, the excitement, the lovely weather, they all contributed to make it a memorable weekend. He made it to the semi-finals which went down to the wire.

I Would Consider The Next Fortnight A Success if I

  1. Continue to publish two articles each week.
  2. Make two more Pinterest optimized graphics for my top 10 posts and add them to my pinning queue
  3. Work on my SEO.

I Would Rate The Previous Fortnight As – Not Very Successful

  1. Write and schedule 2 articles for this week and another for the next week. Partially Successful – I wanted to get ahead on my writing and start having a few posts scheduled and ready to go. That did not happen. That said, I am happy with the quality of my posts. You can read them here.
    Why You Don’t Save Money & How To Start
    Track Your Spending: The First Step to Managing Money Better
  2. Continue to focus on Pinterest. Also, focus on Facebook scheduling. – Very little progress made
    Made some good progress on the Pinterest method that I had previously devised. Earlier I used to track it on a spreadsheet. Now I have started using Trello. It is so much easier and less time-consuming.
    However, I didn’t do any work on creating a schedule for posting on my Facebook page.
  3. Start work on creating my opt-in freebie. Fail
    Yet to start work on this one.

Phew, this wasn’t a very fruitful fortnight at all. A reading of my diary will tell you there were only 6 productive days during the last two weeks.

It took me a couple of days to get back into the rhythm of blogging after returning from my blogging break. Lesson learned.

What you do every single day is important. To increase your blogging productivity, make today count.

When you have big goals to achieve, you need to make every single day matter.

This is the one simple key to becoming more productive as a blogger, as a entrepreneur or even in your job or side hustle – make each day count for you.

Blogging Diary

Time goes by fast. If you want to know what I did on each day, I have laid it down for you.

Wednesday, October 14

My first productive blogging day in over a fortnight. The last two days were almost a complete washout. Today, however, I did write a blog post and get it published.

Grateful for blogging groups on Facebook.
– they drive traffic to the blog
– as bloggers, we are constantly flying solo. Blogging groups provide an opportunity to have a conversation with fellow bloggers and to network with other people who are in your shoes. These groups create a community, a support group, and a platform to learn from others experiences, and to adopt best practices.

I spent an hour hanging out in a couple of groups.

Thursday, November 15

Migraine.  Also met up with friends from school. Have you ever seen a bunch of ladies giggling away like school girls? Yup, that was us.

Friday, November 16

Started writing my next article. This one digs deep into tracking expenses. I am happy at the way it is turning out.


The husband had a tennis tournament. Didn’t really do much blogging related tasks.

Monday, November 19

It is days like this that make me realize how much I enjoy blogging. Finished and uploaded the article. It is a comprehensive guide to tracking your spending – the benefits of doing so and how to do it. The article also explains some common mistakes people make while tracking expenses and how to avoid making them.

As some of you might know, I have a manual system of pinning. Every two hours, I pin a couple of my own pins and 6-8 pins of others. So far I have been using a spreadsheet to track my pins and the boards they have been on.

Today, I devised a Trello based system to help me with my process. Ran a beta test with a couple of pins and it has improved my efficiency.

Tuesday, November 20

Transferred my pins data from the spreadsheet to Trello. The new way of managing my pin data has made pinning far more efficient for me. Best part, it is totally free.

Created new content for my Instagram.

As I explore Pinterest, there are some things which I need to understand more. Can you help me?

A blog post has multiple images (like charts, the featured image or even the profile picture), which you may not don’t want your readers to be pinning. What is the best way to prevent that from happening?

Secondly, what are the best practices to follow when you create multiple Pinterest graphics for each blog,

Wednesday, November 21

Tracked expenses in the morning after 8 days. Took me a while to make sure I did not miss out on any.

I booked tickets for another travel coming up in December. This year I have traveled (3-5 day) trips in August, September, November, and December. The expenses add up. Definitely going to be planning better next year. Another important lesson learned.

As far as blogging goes, I made an outline for my next post.

Came back to my Pinterest questions of last evening regarding multiple pins. I have come across a method that looks promising. I will let you know how it goes.

Thursday, November 22

Looks like Thursdays are for Migraines. Had another one today. This one washed out my entire day.

Friday, November 23

Got a loooong, comprehensive blog post published. It took the better part of my day to write, edit, optimize and publish it. But I am so happy with the outcome.

This fortnight, there were many days that were a complete loss. This needs to change. It is a useful lesson learned.

Like I said, this fortnight taught me the value of time.

Hope you had a productive fortnight. How do you make each day matter?

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