You don’t want to miss out on these fun backyard games. Enjoy the best of the warm weather with your entire family with these outdoor games.

Backyard Games – Best Frugal Fun Activities You Gotta Try Out

Can you imagine it is already May? And Memorial Day is right around the corner.

With lots of sunshine, longer day bet you want to be spending your time outdoors with your kiddos. Something you have been looking forward to for the last few months.

Make the best of the great weather spending some time outdoors with your entire family. And what better than some backyard games to add to the fun and laughter, right?

These yard games work great for a family reunion too. So start planning your family game weekend today.

And best of all – these can be quickly assembled at home and don’t cost you the earth.

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Best Backyard Games For The Entire Family

Ice Chunks

Hide some prizes or some money in some ice chunks and then give the kids some hammers and they can bang them up. It takes a while to break down the ice and is super fun for them to be able to get out all the things that have been put in there. A really fun activity and super easy to prepare.


Make it your own. Just get some fencing wire or chicken wire, a whole bunch of dowels and a bag of plastic pit balls. Create a wrapping with the wire mesh. Secure with zip ties and put through all of the dowels to support the balls. Pour your balls over the top. Now start pulling those sticks out and enjoy the fun.


This one is a classic. You can spend your entire summer battling it out for the championship and remember the fun you had for years to come. You can buy one from the store or set up one yourself. All you need is two boxes kept at a throwing distance from one other and a few washers to toss into them.

Want to add to the challenge? Place a saucer in the middle and that counts for 3 points. Get ready for some major smack-talking from the opposing team.

Water Balloon Toss

Fill in a ton of water balloon and keep them ready to go. Divide yourselves into team. One person is the thrower, the second person catches and throws on to the next till you get it across the finish line. The team which manages to get the most balloons across safely without bursting gets the bragging rights.

Choose your teams wisely. If your partner misses a catch, enjoy the splash. Gentle hands are key to getting the most balloons across.

Water Toss

Similar to the water balloon toss, you use sand pails or small buckets to toss water across to your partner who tries to catch it in another pail and pour it into a large bucket.

The team which fills their bucket first wins. Ready for a whole lot of screaming and splashing.

Sponge Race

This one works great with the younger kids. They fill up water in their sponges, run across a certain distance to squeeze the water out into a container and come back to pick up some more water in their sponge.

The first to fill up the container wins.

family playing fun backyard games in summer

More Outdoor Fun Ideas That You Don’t Want To Miss

Outdoor Movies

Okay, so technically this is not a game. But something just as fun for the entire family to do this summer in the backyard or the lawn.

Getting cousins over? Having a family reunion at the grandparents? This one is sure to be loved by the kids and parents.

Here is an easy way to DIY your own outdoor theater. Now every night can be as fun as the day.

Just make sure to have a whole tub of popcorn ready to go.

The Classics

A game of tag, hop-scotch, four square, hide and seek, or 3-legged race never go out of fashion. They are just as popular today as they were when we were kids.

Join in the fun with your kids.

Your Own Family Summer Olympics

Now with just a little bit of planning you can make these backyard games into a competitive event. Keep scores as each team plays the other.

And while you are at it, ask each team to wear T-shirts in their team colors.

Do you have a favorite fun activity for your family? Let us know in the comments below. I might even include it in the list.

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