Fab Frugal Fun Things To Do When Boredom Strikes

Having fun can mean shelling out a whole lot of moolah – buying tickets to an event or even going out for dinner. New experiences and adventure come with a heavy price tag.

There are times when my biggest challenge is to avoid getting bored while being mindful of my budget. Figuring out fun things to do that aren’t expensive can seem daunting.

Fun doesn’t have to always cost money. The aim is to use only the things you already have at home and not buy anything new. A DVD, a subscription service, existing pantry ingredients, craft items. Here are 65+ ideas for fun things you can do that don’t pinch your pocket.

The Magic of Food

hand sprinkling herbs on fish fillets

Cook a new recipe with the ingredients you have.

Bake cookies. Share them with your neighbors.

Organize your recipes.

Learn your childhood favorite dish from grandma.

Try a different way of plating.

Bake a cake.

Make a romantic candle-lit dinner.

Volunteer at a soup-kitchen.

Use your special dinnerware, glasses and serving dishes.


body salts towels for home spa treatment

Give yourself a spa treatment at home

Take a long relaxed hot shower

Try a new-hairdo

Practice a new make-up look

Paint your nails

Try face yoga

Let The Music Play

happy person with headphones

Reread your favorite book.

Listen to a new podcast.

Make a Spotify playlist.

Try You-Tube Karaoke.

Start an art journal

Write a letter.

Practice writing in a different font.

Craftsy Fun Things To Do

cutting paper flower for home crafts

Grow some herbs from cuttings. Plant some flowers.

Try photography with your phone.

Practice playing the harmonica (or any other instrument) lying at home.

Try cartooning.

Make a scrap-book.

Make art for the wall at home.

Paint a pot.

Knit. Crochet. Embroider. Stitch.

Use newspaper to practice wrapping odd shaped gifts.

Solve a crossword. Or a Sudoku puzzle

Going To Town

street photography with black phone

Visit a museum on a free day.

Go sightseeing.

Volunteer as a guide.

Visit the farmers’ market.

Check out your local library.

Go on a free walking-tour.

Fun With Family and Friends

fun picnic with friends and family

Play card games.

Host a potluck.

Have a movie-marathon.

Swap clothes with your sister.

Visit grandparents.

Have a picnic.

Play board games.

Finish a jigsaw puzzle.


sidetable vignette with gold accessories

Organize your pantry.

Rearrange furniture.

Create a new decor vignette with accessories you have.

Fold your laundry the Marie-Kondo way.

Mow your lawn while listening to music.

Revisit your photographs. Digitize them.

Convert a favorite photography to a meme.

Put up a garage-sale.

Donate old clothes.

Fab n Fit

tying laces of black and pink sports shoes

Take your pet for a walk

Go on a bike ride.

Practice yoga.

Go for a run.

Shoot some hoops at the local community center.


Joy of Nature

roasting marshmallows over fire

Visit your local beach.

Sunbathe on your deck.

Watch the sunset.

Go stargazing.

Watch the sunrise.

Build a bonfire.

Camp-out in your backyard.

Toast marshmallows.

What do you do when you want to have a good day without spending money? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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