It is time to get your monthly budget ready for February. Make sure to plan for these expenses when you set up your budget. Tips to save money this month and you won’t lose your financial footing.

Your February Monthly Budget

Ready to fight those February blues, are you? February is the month to celebrate love. But, for many people, this shortest month of the year seems like the longest. And this time there is an extra day too.

The days are still short and dark. The joy of Christmas is long over and forgotten. The holiday decor is back in storage. The New Year cheer is forgotten. All that is left are the winter blues.

Everyone is over the cold weather, the short and much too dark days. The snow is no longer exciting.

February can be pretty miserable. But not for those who have a Valentine. Many people look forward to celebrating the day. Even, if it burns a hole in their pocket.

Do you have someone to celebrate Valentine’s day with?

If saving money is one of your goals for the year make sure you continue to make wise choices each month. Let February be the month when you build on your achievements of January. Or, if you fell by the wayside in the previous month, don’t give up. Start afresh this month.

Whether you had a good January or not, its time to now focus on setting up your budget for February. I tell you how to get your second monthly budget for the year ready so that you come out on top at the end of this month.

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Is Your February Budget Ready For These?

A lot of celebrations and festivals happen in this shortest month of the year.

Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is the most important of the traditional Chinese Holidays. It is celebrated on the first day of the Chinese calendar and the date as per the Western calendar keeps moving each year. In some years it may fall in January (like in 2020), but for most years the date is in February.

Super Bowl Sunday & Other Game Days

Whether you plan to watch the game from home or go to a bar, chances are you will be with family and friends sitting in front of your television screen, consuming copious amounts of food and alcohol. Put some thought into how much you can afford to spend so that you don’t end up derailing your monthly budget.

Valentine’s Day

Love it or despise it, Valentine’s day is widely celebrated across the world as it is in the United States. In 2019, 51% of adults in the United States celebrated Valentine’s day spending an average of $162 on gifts for their significant other, family or pets. Even those who didn’t quite celebrate it marked the day by buying something special for themselves or by having a get-together with their single friends.


February marks the start of the dreaded tax filing season. People are receiving their W-2’s and starting to think about tackling this unwelcome project.

Do you prepare your taxes yourself or have someone do it for you? Keep the tax return preparer’s fee in mind. Look out for early bird discounts that some websites offer.

Mardi Gras

A trip to Mardi Gras at New Orleans can cost a few thousand dollars depending upon when you make your bookings.

While that may not be for you, but if you are planning to throw a party and get the flavor of New Orleans into your home, that is not going to be cheap either. There is food, music, masks, beads, games. All these add up.

Ways To Save Money In This Monthly Budget

With all that happens in February, it can be a tough month for budgeting and reducing your expenses. All the more reason why you need to be careful and find ways to save. Here are ways to make your month frugal.

Celebrate at home

Why not watch the Super Bowl at home this year or cook a nice dinner for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

And if you are planning to invite friends over – be it for a Mardi Gras party, for the Chinese New Year or the big game – make it pot luck. Have people bring in food, be responsible for music, entertainment, and decor.

Gift Your Time

Replace those expensive flowers and chocolates with the gift of your time. Get creative. Scour Pinterest for ideas, inspiration, and how to.

Avoid February 14

I am not asking you to be anti-love and not celebrate. All I am saying is you could avoid that specific day. Do something special with your loved one a few days before or after. Wait a few days and you could score some great deals on gifts, bouquets, and everything heart-shaped.

Presidents’ Day Sales

If you are looking for big-ticket home goods like furniture, mattresses, and appliances then you may be in luck. Presidents’ Day sales offer great discounts on these and other stuff like clothing. Plan ahead for them.

Meal Planning

This one is not specifically for February. You can save money all year round by planning your meals ahead and buying only the groceries you need. Meals planning helps you to shop your pantry and the groceries already at home. You also avoid buying extra only to have things accumulate at home till you have to throw them away because they are past their expiry dates.

Plan your meals consistently and soon it will be second nature. You will find your rhythm and your monthly budget will thank you for it.

Things That Go On Sale In February


This is one of those things where if you hold on till after February 14 to buy you can score big discounts.

Tax Software

Many tax software will offer you early bird discounts of 10-15 percent. Take advantage of these and avoid the last-minute stress to get your papers organized.

Household Goods

Be it TVs, mattresses or other consumer electronics and home goods, you are likely to see attractive discounts on these. Wait till after the big game to snag the best deals on these.


With the focus now shifting to spring, retailers want to clear away their cold-weather clothes. Discounts on these start in January. By February the discounts on unsold stuff increase further.

Party Stuff

With the Super Bowl scheduled for the first Sunday of February, many stores offer attractive discounts on everything you need to host a party at home. So stock up on some snacks and soda. Got a birthday party coming up? Plan ahead and buy plates, napkins, party glasses, and other tableware at an attractive price.

Plan Ahead


Between Church, chocolates, clothes, Easter baskets and food, the expenses rack up. NRF’s 2019 survey found that those who celebrate Easter planned to spend an average of $151 this day. If you are one of them, how about planning ahead and save up for it now?

Spring Break

Dreaming of sunshine, warmth, and sand to get rid of those winter blues? It does not come cheap. Flight tickets to popular destinations Florida, Vegas or Cancun cost way more than they do in other months. Hotels room prices jump up. Saving up ahead can help avoid potential credit card debt.

Summer Vacation

A nice summer vacation does not have to break your back nor your budget. Since Summer is right around the corner, now is the time to start planning and prepare a budget you can afford. Estimate how much you will need and how you are going to finance it. Set up a vacation savings account. Then start hunting around for deals – be it on flights, hotels or local activities.

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