Welcome to A Few Of My Favorite Personal Finance Articles Vol 5, where I share some of the best personal finance articles I have read during the month.

We are approaching the end of January 2020. By this time many of our New Year Resolutions have begun to falter or have completely fallen by the wayside. If this includes financial resolutions and goals, then it is time to pause and re-examine what you are doing.

However, the start of the year was all about evaluating the year gone by and setting goals. A lot of bloggers wrote about it. I share some of the blog posts here.

Why ‘A Few Of My Favorite Personal Finance Articles’?

As some of you may know, I started this series to share some articles that I enjoyed reading throughout the month. The information on the internet can be overwhelming and time-consuming. I know many of us don’t have the time or inclination to go searching through the rabbit-hole of blogs and bloggers.

If that is you, this is for you. So, read on...

Keep in mind that I read many more lovely articles, which I share over on Twitter. However, for the sake of keeping this list concise, I reduce the number of articles to a few – never an easy task – mind you.

If you are would like to read some more interesting personal finance articles written by the many amazing bloggers out there, then do follow me on Twitter.

My Favorite Personal Finance Articles Vol. 5, January 2020

The beginning of a new year was all about new beginnings, setting goals, and reviewing the year gone by.

Personal finance and net worth reviews

⚪ In 2019, J. Money of Budgets are Sexy joined the Double Comma Club. Yay! His net worth crossed the one million mark. After 11 years and 139 reports, he achieved this milestone. Unfortunately, due to reasons which he explains in his post and I appreciate, this was his last net worth update. Congrats on your achievement. (This post was written earlier in 2019. I happened to read it this month.)

⚪ Ed over at Educator FI did a review of his financial goals for 2019. He exceeded four out of the seven goals he set for himself, met one, and partially met another. Ed did not rate himself on the seventh goal as it was no longer relevant. However, in my opinion, they actually exceeded it.

⚪ The net worth of the Game of Budgets family crossed that one million dollar mark. Woohoo! Congrats. Their investment balance jumped by a whopping $275,000. Head over to their blog for a detailed review of their 2019 net worth, investments, and spending.

⚪ December 2019 also marked the end of the Three Year Experiment by Laurie and her family to achieve their goals of financial and location freedom for their families in three short years. Find out if they achieved their goals or not in their December net worth update.

⚪ Machinist at the Perpetual Money Machine achieved a couple of landmark milestones. He hit the multi-millionaire status and his salary crossed the $100k mark this year despite the struggles he has had in his career. Read more about that, his review of 2019, and goals for 2020.

2019 Blog Reviews

As a blogger, I am very keen to know about how other bloggers did during the year. Articles reviewing their blogging highs and lows are of particular interest to me.

⚪ Melissa’s article about how she earned over $28,000 without creating a product of her own caught my eye. If you have recently started blogging and are looking at ways to monetize, I am certain you will learn a thing or two (or more) from her write up.

Personal finance articles for women (or men, too)

⚪ The gender pay gap is real. Jackie Beck has some serious advice for women who want to get paid as well as their male counterparts. You have got to ASK FOR IT. She tells you exactly how to ask for a raise and get it.

⚪ Planning to become a single income family, even temporarily? Laura has some tips to help you overcome the fears associated with a single income so that your finances remain afloat and living on a single income does not seem that daunting.

Spending, saving and lifestyle inflation

⚪ The FIRE movement is all about slashing your expenses in order to maximize savings and investment. On the other side, there are certain money spending decisions that bring you ‘significant happiness’. Jessica from the Fioneers talks about some of these decisions that have added to their happiness.

⚪ Whether you embrace the FIRE movement or not if you are looking to cut down on your expenses, here are some great ways to spend less by using what you have already got.

⚪ A scarcity mechanism, when it works negatively, can leave us stressed, with a ‘tunnel vision’, making it more difficult for us to make wise choices. Ultimately this could end up harming our finances. This article from the Brave Saver helps us fight the mechanism and limit its negative effects.

Few more interesting articles

⚪ After an 8-year experience with early retirement, the Financial Samurai goes back to work. He calls it a failure at early retirement. Read about the 14 reasons why he had to come out of early retirement so that you can be better prepared.

⚪ Four Pillar Freedom created a scatter plot of the stress levels and median salaries associated with over 600 occupations. Want a high-paying, low-stress job? Discover these unicorns in this stress-vs-salary graph.

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While I love to read as many articles as I can, I certainly don’t read all. So, if you have an article you like and would like me to read, do share it with me in the comments below.


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