DIY Christmas Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank

Thinking of Christmas gift ideas?

It is October. That means time to start planning Christmas gifts?. Here are some easy-to-make gift ideas that are perfect for those who want to stick to a budget.

If you are looking for ideas for Christmas gift ideas that are thoughtful, creative and pocket-friendly be it for your boss, your colleagues, for aunts, uncles or cousins, I have curated these ideas for you.

These awesome gift ideas for the Holidays are great for secret Santa gifts, for stuffing the stockings, or for under the Christmas tree.

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Best DIY Christmas Gift Ideas For 2019

#1. DIY Holiday Gift Baskets

Picking out the one perfect Christmas gift is difficult. So why not go with many? Pick random things or go with a theme, these are perfect gifts for mom, dad, siblings, hostesses, bosses or even your furry pets. Pick from one of these themes to personalize your goody boxes and make them special.

  • mani-pedi basket
  • spa basket
  • mimosa gift basket
  • cheese lovers gift basket – filled with crackers, nuts, dried fruits, and of course, cheese.
  • baker’s basket – fill an oven mitt with some baking tools. Perfect for a young chef.
  • hot cocoa basket
  • ice-cream sundae basket
  • movie watcher’s basket
  • gardener’s gift basket
  • coffee gift basket

#2. Knitted Dishcloths

These useful gifts are easy to make, easy on the budget and quick to make. What is not to like about them. Don’t be surprised if you have people falling in love with them. They may not want to use them for fear of ruining these beauties.

Check out this collection of knitted dishcloth tutorials for beginners at The Spruce Crafts. These are perfect Christmas gifts for hostesses, your aunts, cousins. They make for great stocking stuffers too.

#3. Homemade Scrubs

Oatmeal, honey, coffee, sugar, coconut oil along with some Dollar Store containers is all that you need to make these delicious scrubs. Pinterest is your go-to place for inspiration and how-to.

#4. DIY Cards

Wondering what to give to the grandparents on behalf of your elementary school kids? Or even to their teachers? How about a handmade card with a note the kids write.

I can bet grandparents (or teachers) would appreciate these personal handcrafted items more than a bunch of store-bought candy, chocolates or mugs. Trust me they already have enough of these.

#5. Baked Goodies and more

A tin of freshly baked goods – cookies, pretzels, tarts, cheesecakes or even assorted chocolates, marshmallows, chocolate dipped spoons for hot chocolate, fudge, and gummy bears. The ideas are endless.

Spend a day or so making these things and another to gift wrap them and you are done.

Don’t forget to find out if people are allergic to anything, first.

#6. Dollar Tree Ornaments

Buy a bunch of clear ornaments from Dollar Tree – fill these with black-and-white photographs or hand-written notes of gratitude. Add some glitter, paint or Epsom salt to complete the Christmas charm. And you have yourself these easy to make Christmas gifts that take no time.

#7. Candles

Christmas candles add a touch of joy to the festive season. And they are easy to DIY and are a great gift and decoration idea.

Add some Pine or Frankincense essential oils to add that special charm of the festive winter season.

NOTE: It may not be cheaper to make your candles if you are going to make only a few candles and go out and buy a whole load of supplies for them. So do a little calculation before you buy stuff.

Also, see what supplies you already own which you can use like mason jars to hold the candles.

#8. DIY Vanilla Extract

It is easy to make vanilla extract, with vanilla beans and vodka. Not only is it unbelievably easy to make, but a whole lot cheaper than store-bought vanilla extract.

And it makes for a great Christmas gift.

If you are planning to make your vanilla extract, remember to start early, because it takes a few days for the vanilla to soak.

#9. Tiny Plant Babies

Small indoor plants are perfect for styling indoor spaces. If you already own houseplants you also know how easy it is to make more out of one. With just some small planter pots, potting mix and draining stones you can have some baby plants to gift. And who doesn’t love baby plants?

This idea works better for places where the winter is mild and plants haven’t gone into hibernation.

#10. Something Hand Sewn or Knitted

From holiday decorations, stockings, pillows, throws or Santa hats and aprons – sewn Christmas projects are a rage. And talking of things which are a rage let us not forget chunky knit blankets.

Look at Pinterest for inspiration and you are sure to not be disappointed.

#11 Homemade Bailey’s Irish Cream

I had to save the best for the last. This one is easy, less expensive than store-bought and appreciated by all.

Ever tried making Bailey’s Irish Cream at home? It is easy as pie and a lovely Christmas gift to give your friends. A bottle of Bailey’s also makes a great Secret Santa gift.

I hope you found some inspiration to craft/cook/create some thoughtful gifts that are sure to be admired and appreciated and won’t make you broke this holiday season.

What are some of your favorite budget-friendly DIY Christmas gift ideas? What is the favorite handmade Christmas gift you received?

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