The 10 best blog posts of 2019: The start of each new year is a time to review the past year, to learn from things that may not have gone well and to reinforce what went right.

It has been so much fun to look at the stats to know what were the most popular blog posts of the past year. This helps me to understand what type of content you all liked to read on this blog.

This list is based on your page views. This is the ultimate form of feedback for me.

Having said that, I also made a list of what I think are the best pieces of articles published on this blog in the year gone by. I find that list to be very similar to what you like. You have nailed this. Great job!

Finally, I also want to mention that as I chronicle the top blog posts of 2019, I realize I want to share this with you all every year.

Here are the 10 BEST blog posts of 2019, based on what you viewed and read the most, along with a little snippet and some commentary.

Happy New Year (and DECADE), you all.

10 Best Blog Posts Of 2019

#1. How to Track Your Sinking Funds (Free Printable Sinking Funds Tracker Template)

In this article, I give you three free, printable templates to plan and track your sinking funds.

The article walks you through the way to use these trackers.

I am really proud of this post and the freebie I created for you. I am happy so many of you found it useful and made it the best blog post of 2019

So, go ahead set up your sinking funds for 2020 and easily keep track of them with these printable worksheets and templates. Don’t forget to snag them here.

#2. Sinking Funds: Saving For Irregular Expenses (A Step-By-Step Guide)

This article is the precursor to the article above. If you want to know about sinking funds and how this powerful budgeting tool can help you save for large, irregular expenses then this is the article you need to read.

It has a step-by-step guide to sinking funds and the answers to everything you want to know about sinking funds.

That is why you all made this post the second most popular article in 2019.

#3. Favorite Budget-Friendly DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Of the 10 best blog posts of 2019, this one has was published most recently. In 3 months you all visited it enough number times to make it the third most popular post.

If you find yourself looking for gift ideas that are thoughtful, creative or pocket-friendly, be it for your boss, colleagues, aunts, uncles, cousins or nephews, and nieces, you will find something that works.

While I wrote this article for Christmas and the holidays, there are many ideas that will work for different celebrations all year round.

#4. 11 Financial Habits Of A Successful Woman

It has been proven that financially successful people have a lot of good habits in common. In this post, we talk about these habits. These are super important and easy to form, I promise.

So, how can you help yourself to become successful? Check out the habits of a successful woman (or a man) that will help you improve your finances.

#5. 3 Christmas Savings Challenges When Holiday Season Is Upon Us

As Christmas approaches and you find yourself looking for a Christmas Savings Challenge because you haven’t quite started saving for it, we have your back.

This post has 3 money challenges to help you save $1200 – $1500 in the last few weeks leading up to Christmas.

Again, though written for Christmas, these challenges can be adopted if you need to save up for any large expense.

In addition, there are a few actionable ways to help you find the money in your tight budget that you can save.

#6. How To Overcome The Threat Of Financial Stress

Having money troubles is a real problem, that needs serious attention and a means to put it right.

However, the suffering we experience can be brought into perspective through meditation and self-compassion. If we can care for ourselves using these tools, then we can be stronger to deal with the actual problem.

It might not be easy, but we are not drained by trying to deal with all the extra baggage from the stories we create about it in our minds.

This guest post by Maureen Cooper from Awareness In Action tells us how we can deal with financial stress.

#7. Why You Don’t Save Money & How To Start

What percentage of your monthly income do you save? 65 percent of Americans (or 2 out of every 3) either don’t save money at all or save very little.

In this article, we delve into the behavioral reasons why some people are just not able to save money. The psychological and sociological reasons that prompt the behavior of people when it comes to saving.

#8. Track Your Spending: The First Step to Managing Money Better

Do you feel the need to improve your financial habits? You know you cannot go on with your money as you currently do for it is getting you nowhere.

If you are serious about making changes with your money you first need to make a commitment to be disciplined. Everything else will follow.

Next, you need to start tracking your expenses – every single dollar that goes out. This is essential to becoming accountable for your own money.

This step-by-step guide helps you track your spending.

#9. 7 Things Your Teenager Needs To Know About Money

Want to start preparing your teenager to be financially responsible and ready for life ahead? With some patience and organization, you can help your teenagers learn these useful money management skills.

  1. EARNING MONEY – it is all about sweat and tears.
  2. BUDGETING – have a plan for your money.
  3. SAVING – pay yourself first.
  4. BANKING – open an account for them. Now.
  5. DEBT – it can swallow you.

#10. Are You Falling Into A Debt Trap

How much debt do you have outstanding? Taking on some debt – be it a student loan or mortgage may be unavoidable. Heck, some even call it the prudent thing to do.

But there is a fine line between being prudent and overdoing it!

When does debt start to become a trap? Do you get forewarned?

This 10th post in the list of top 10 articles of 2019 has the few signs you should pay heed to before it is too late.

Thank you SO MUCH of your love and support of your love and support of the blog through 2019! I never take you for granted and promise to publish blog posts that you will not only enjoy reading but will find useful too.


10 best blogs posts of 2019

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