Ambitious Plans Achieved: My Weekly Check-Up 10|28

Diwali is roughly a week away. Have a travel planned before that. And the blogging. This weeks plans were super ambitious. How did I do?

Is October over already? Is my baby blog one month old already?

I published my first blog post on October 1. This is the last post for this month.

The next one will be on November 1 which will be a review the entire month, setting out goals for the next and updating my blogging strategy.

This post is a review of the week gone by (Oct 22- Oct 28). Those of you who have been reading my weekly reviews would know that this post has two parts – a weekly money and goals check-up followed by a blogging diary.

I have been working super hard behind the scenes all of this week getting a lot of work done ahead of time so that I can be free to travel next week.

My Weekly Check-Up

This is my fourth weekly check-up. It is inspired by a series done on My Pretty Pennies.

The previous three are here

The most I’ve spent this week was on 

  1. groceries.  I am going to be travelling next week and the week after that is Diwali.  This week’s grocery list was longer because I wanted to prepare and freeze a few meals for the husband while I am away and get some prep done for Diwali.
  2. a new wallet ($33) and new shoes ($12). Need these for my travel this week. Wanted to mention these because they were large expenditures incurred during this week.

Today I am thankful for the crazy productive week I have had this week. Now I don’t feel so bad about taking it a little slow over the next 10 days or so. This flexibility is one of the key reasons why I quit my day job.

READ MORE: Why I quit my full time job and don’t regret doing so.

Money can’t buy happiness. One free thing I did this week that made me happy was step up my game this week. Got an article published every alternate day. Food for the husband is made and frozen. And I am all set for the lights, fireworks, food and festivity of Diwali.

I will consider the next week a success if I

  1. Write and schedule my monthly review before I go.
  2. Continue to focus on Pinterest everyday even when I am travelling.
  3. Stick to my budget during travel.

I would rate the previous week as PRODUCTIVE even though I did not meet my ambitious goals. Here are my goals for the previous week (in italics) and how I did. Also, I have to admit that the goals I set up for myself last week had both terrified me and excited me. I am pleased with what I have achieved.

  1. Have articles written and scheduled out till November 12. Partial Success. I have been blogging at the rate of one article each day. When I say writing an article it means doing everything which includes writing, editing, proof reading, making images, optimizing it for SEO. Doing 12 articles was an ambitious goal and I knew it even when I started. While I may not have got as many articles as my target , but I am super pleased with how many I have got done and their quality.
    This is my fifth article and I will have one more done before I go.
  2. Get food done for the following two weeks – meals for the husband for while I am away and prep for the week after that when the daughter is here. Success. Food for 5 days has been made and frozen. All that needs to be done is to heat the meals. Also done some prep for the week after.
  3. Diwali Decor planned out and ready to go. Partial SuccessDiwali ‘diyas’ have been taken out and cleaned. The lights that we used for the last few years are not functioning. We need to buy new ones. New lights have been bought.
  4. Increase the activity on  the Pennies For Cents Pinterest profile. (Daily Impressions to 4 digits and Daily Viewers to 3 digits) Partial SuccessAverage daily impressions (over a week) risen to  230 and the number of average daily viewers has reached triple digits (199).

Blogging Diary

Monday, October 22

Morning: The day when I look at my stats, do a review and write a review post. Met all the goals I had set out for myself for the week. <happy dance>. Two of my blog posts were pinned over a 100 times. <happier dance>.

Tuesday, October 23

Morning & Afternoon – second blog post in as many days . This one talks of the financial habits successful women have.

End of the day spent in my favorite Facebook blogging groups. I learn something new everyday.

Wednesday, October 24

Morning: Another day another post. I am on a roll. Did you even wonder if you were making a wise investment decision? Recently we had to evaluate if an executive education program made financial sense?

Afternoon: Shifted focus to the house. Went shopping for groceries and finished a few errands that needed to get done.

Thursday: October 25

Whole Day: May I just say, I got another post done. How do you decide whether it makes sense to save your extra dollars or pay off debt. Here is how.

What makes me even happier is that the quality of the posts is improving. They are delving deeper into the topic and cover more aspects. More time is taken to write a post but the outcome is better. Loving the feedback I am getting.

Friday: October 26

Morning: Time to look back at my first month blogging. It was crazy busy. There was so much I learned? There were challenges and accomplishments. Documenting the progress that was made and establishing goals for next month.

Brownies for Diwali.


Spent an hour planning for next months expenses and setting up my budget for November.

A lot of exciting things are scheduled for the next two weeks. I can’t wait for them. Travelling is always fun, festival exciting and what could be better than to have your daughter back home with you for a week.

Image: Pixabay

Diwali is roughly a week away. Have a travel planned before that. And the blogging. This weeks plans were super ambitious. How did I do?



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